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Earn up to 22% annually: increase your capital with a fast and secure return.



An innovative investment for your capital.

Investing your capital in the Oral Health market means diversifying your portfolio and achieving profitability above the market average. Swiss Dental Invest provides high financial return through investment in opening profitable dental clinics that allow profits of up to 22% annually.

Return up to 22%

Profit quickly, when investing in the opening of a new Dental Clinic. Be part of a business with a social commitment that offers gains of up to 22% per annually.


With the expertise and the consolidated international performance, supporting the opening of a Dental Clinic means directing your capital to a segment that grows securely.


Attentive to the dynamic scenario, the investor finds in Swiss Dental Invest an exclusive option that diversifies his portfolio. The innovation in Dentistry ensures the success of the investment.



With expertise in the Dental Medicine market, Swiss Dental Invest offers the market a differentiated and innovative product. Through the sponsorship modality, the investment of your capital allows the opening of Dental Clinics that are experts in modern treatments and of high added value.




This is an investment modality that will allow you to obtain a high and superior return than the rest of the market offers. As an investor in one or more Dental Clinics, you will support an expanding area and obtain a financial return ranging from 16% to 22% annually, in a short term: up to 5 years. We structure the investment at several levels according to the financial capacity of each investor.



The financial market is in constant dialogue with the economy, reflecting economic development and its business possibilities. Today, the investor has a scenario full of opportunities to increase his earnings, considering that the fluctuation cannot affect his results. When expanding his portfolio, the investor finds other ways to increase his capital without being limited to a segment of the economy.

It is essential to know each investment in depth and choose the best option according to your objectives as an investor. Swiss Dental Invest is the innovative opportunity that reaches the market offering the most promising, in terms of turnaround time, revenue and security. This security is supported by the Dental Medicine and Oral Health markets, through a company that is growing fast: the Swiss Dental Services network of Dental Clinics.

With over 10 years of international activity in the Dental Medicine and Oral Health segment, our success case is Swiss Dental Services. The international network of Dental Clinics operating in countries such as Portugal, England, France and the United States, values ​​the services of excellence in the treatment of severe oral health diseases that lead to tooth loss.

The branch of Dental Medicine that rehabilitates Oral Health safely and efficiently, rehabilitating smiles definitively, is Dental Implantology. By placing Implants and Fixed Dental Prostheses, customers regain the quality of life and self-esteem lost due to dental diseases. These innovative dental treatments are offered at the Dental Clinic that you will sponsor with your capital.

Transforming lives is in the DNA of Swiss Dental Invest, in line with Swiss Dental Services. This is because Oral Rehabilitation allows to restore Oral Health and gives the patient back the primordial functions that the mouth performs: food, communication and breathing. Allied to this, it provides well-being and quality of life to patients who have severe problems that compromise these important functions for their survival.

The patient who seeks professional help to rehabilitate their oral health is looking for security, self-esteem, confidence. And you find it all in the innovative dental treatments offered in clinics. With Swiss Dental Invest's investments, the solutions reach a greater number of patients in strategically mapped locations, in order to guarantee the success of the business.

Being an investor accustomed to the nuances of the market, you will realize that the return offered exceeds the average. Likewise, when sponsoring the opening of a Dental Clinic, it is investing in a solid company, which grows and has infinite possibilities for expansion. The opportunities that open up go beyond what you can imagine.

In a continuous cyclical movement, your capital is safely invested and you get the profit from opening a new Dental Clinic. The opportunity he has to make investments gives new impetus to investment, which becomes even more profitable, prepared to expand the delivery of services to more and more people, increasing their capital exponentially.

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Be prepared to invest in an exclusive market. Our expert team will provide all the information about your new investment.

Invest from $350.000

Profitability is associated with the value of the investment. With an initial capital of $ 350,000, you can now sponsor the opening of a new Dental Clinic.

Capital return time

The returns are annual, between 16% to 22%, depending on the amount invested. The desirable period is up to 5 years, to obtain the best profit and increase your capital.


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