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Swiss Dental Invest is an investment modality that offers an exclusive group of investors the possibility to value their assets by sponsoring the opening and development of one or more Swiss Dental Services Dental Clinics. Future investors will join an internationally consolidated and highly profitable brand, where the biggest source of revenue comes from dental implant placement treatments.

Combat tooth loss with modern treatments and make oral health accessible to the greatest number of people, by opening dental clinics focused on Oral Rehabilitation.
Based on 6 pillars, the company's performance is guided by Innovation, Customer Focus, Excellence and Differentiation to exceed expectations, in addition to Cooperation, with reliable and trustworthy partners to deliver results to investors.
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Combat tooth loss with modern treatments and make oral health accessible to the greatest number of people, by opening dental clinics focused on Oral Rehabilitation.

Swiss Dental Invest comes to the market with an innovative product and with a higher profitability than other investments in the market. An ethical and committed investment in bringing Advanced Oral Rehabilitation to as many people as possible, ensuring your well-being.

Swiss Dental Services

Swiss Dental Services has a wide presence in the Dental Medicine market, through complete solutions for the area of ​​Dental Implantology. With consolidated operations, it has been present in 6 countries for over a decade, rehabilitating smiles with innovative and safe techniques. The service offer comprises Dental Implants, Fixed Dental Prostheses and more than 75 treatments aimed at Oral Health.

Swiss Dental Services has proven to provide access to definitive treatment to treat tooth loss that affects the world population and has won the trust of thousands of patients for its quality in the services provided.

In addition to dental treatments, the Group includes companies in the segment focused on Training and Capacity Building, such as ECAOR- European Center for Advanced Oral Rehabilitation, Education through Swiss Dental Education, Swiss Dental Consulting, which provides all assistance to leverage dental clinics, Swiss Dental Channel, which brings health information to the general public and the Swiss Dental Health Plans with its offer of cards that facilitate access to excellent dental treatments, among others.


18 Dental Clinics


Swiss Dental Service
Oral Health Expert

Its mission is to contribute to the improvement of oral health. This means that patients can benefit from more comfortable and affordable treatments and advanced Oral Rehabilitation techniques. Swiss Dental Services' values ​​are intrinsic and guide every step of the company: Reliability - Differentiation - Innovation - Focus on the patient - Excellence - Cooperation, in order to bring the best treatments to all patients and receive them with comfort and safety.

Each case is unique and each patient is treated with responsibility and ethics, respect and total dedication by an expert multidisciplinary team. By combining our knowledge and experience with a team of high quality professionals, we can meet the most varied needs of our patients with treatments in the areas of Implantology, Endodontics, Prosthesis and Periodontology, in addition to Oral and Image Surgery services.

Swiss Dental Services exists to make Dental Implants and ATOR ® - Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation treatments accessible to the largest number of people and reduce the number of people with tooth loss. For a decade, clinics have been growing at up to 50% per year and expanding their operations. It currently has 18 Dental Clinics of excellence in Dental Implantology, operating in 6 countries: England, France, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland and the United States.

The growth rate of the clinics allows to increase the demand for Oral Rehabilitation treatments with Dental Implants, a promising market that grows 7.9% per year. The number of new patients is increased by 56% per year and the treatments offered have an average ticket higher than the market: they have greater added value, which guarantees the growth and profitability of the business.

Oral health impacts the quality of life and aesthetics of patients. Swiss Dental Services focuses on the ATOR ® treatment - Total Advanced Oral Rehabilitation, which recovers Oral Health with Fixed Dental Prostheses and combats edentulism efficiently and definitively, with a 95% success rate. Added to that, Dental Implants that apply to cases of loss of one or more teeth and more than 75 complementary treatments such as cleaning and scaling, and solutions for cases of gingivitis, periodontitis, bone loss, among others.

The dental treatments offered are innovative and safe. Through the hands of professionals who are experts in Dental Implantology who undergo constant training and are attentive to new market techniques, the masticatory and speech functions compromised by tooth loss are recovered and the health, aesthetics and personal relationships improved. Swiss Dental Services already has more than 40,000 successful cases in Dental Implants.

One of the major issues surrounding Oral Rehabilitation is the search for a solution to recover the quality of life, compromised by the lack of teeth. In order to provide thousands of patients with access to treatments, Swiss Dental Services seeks solutions that suit the needs of each patient. In addition to the treatments, it offers tailored payment facilities, which allow a greater number of people to return to live with confidence and health.

Among so many patients who trust their Oral Health to the Swiss Dental Services network, many reinforce the facilities and added value of Oral Rehabilitation treatment. The positive impacts transform their lives, as you can see in the success story of Hortense Saraiva, a Swiss Dental Services patient who opted to exchange his removable dentures for Fixed Dental Prostheses./



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